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Cindy Werner is a proud Republican, dedicated to serving the people of US Congress District 4- Wisconsin. She has an unwavering commitment to strengthening our economy and educational system so all of our residents can be properly prepared for productive and successful futures.  She supports border security and community safety through appropriate civil authority, without civil abuses. She will ensure that the military veterans who have served our country will receive the proper representation they deserve. Today, Cindy Werner is asking for your vote.

Jobs/ The Economy

While very proud of the gains our economy has made, Cindy believes it is imperative that we continually improve our training programs here in District 4, so that we can remain competitive and relevant. She is an advocate of training programs that will equip our residents to fulfill the careers of the future. 


Cindy believes in a strong, independent, critical thinking curriculum.  Her children have all successfully attended and graduated from public schools, including her Autistic son.  

Cindy believes that an educational system should have local control and parents choosing what their kids are taught.  Educational excellence is not measured by how big the increase in education funding is, but rather by how well the students are able to read, write, do math, and become productive members of society. We should also ensure that all of our students are able to succeed, even if that means offering options besides traditional college for continuing their education. 

Border Security & Community Safety

Cindy Werner believes that the U.S. immigration system is broken, yet not irreparably. She supports a border security system that will protect our nation's citizens through the building of a wall, the support of our civil authority, and re-evaluating our Immigration policies. America is a compassionate country and must remain so, while still ensuring that our safety is never sacrificed.

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As a Christian and a mother, Cindy Werner knows that there is nothing more precious than a child's life. Our society should do all we can to protect the the sanctity of life, which begins at conception. Cindy believes that abortion unjustly takes away the life of a defenseless human being. She is proudly pro-life.


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Veterans/ Military

As a military veteran herself and the widow of a military veteran, Cindy Werner has a firsthand understanding of the needs of our veterans. The military training that Cindy received prepared her well for a career in compliance and legal work. Her experience being a part of our military gave her the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life.

Cindy understands the healthcare needs of her fellow veterans and the importance of keeping our military strong. She will fight to provide support for the needs of our military and veterans.

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