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Dear Friends,

I believe in the American Dream because I am a product of how hard work, education and Christian values can change one’s life.  Growing up in the projects, my widowed mother worked two jobs to move 13 children to a good home.  Mom taught me Christian values and the importance of family, which I took with me to Temple University and then to the US Army.

In the Army I went through basic training with the male recruits, which made me a stronger woman.  The tough drill sergeants taught me how to adapt as well as the value of hard work and commitment to Country.  My devotion to the greatest nation in the world is why I want to continue my service in the US House of Representatives. 

My passion is to work in our diverse communities to improve the economic opportunities in the Milwaukee area.  Through creating a business-friendly environment within our community, we can restore traditional manufacturing and industrial jobs that will provide families like mine the opportunities they need.  I worked tirelessly through the Women Off Welfare program to provide welfare recipients access to training and meaningful careers.  Genuine welfare reform provides a “hand-up” rather than a “hand-out”.  I believe less government dependence brings a brighter future for everyone!

I think networking with community leaders, law enforcement, schools, churches and other faith-based organizations, will make our communities safer and cleaner; greatly improving the quality of life for Milwaukee families.  Working together we will provide educational advancement for all children regardless of their race, income or address. 

Empowering parents with choice for their children(s) education is key for schools across our nation as well as here in Milwaukee.  I have led the fight on the local level as a School Board Trustee, and now I would like to take this battle to the national level.  I have seen the positive results of what happens when parents are in control over their child’s education dollars. 

I am writing you today to ask you to partner with me.  In return, I pledge to work hard throughout the campaign, bringing our message of a better future for Milwaukee.  With your support, we can move the 4th Congressional District towards our goal of a safer, cleaner and economically healthy communities! 

Please consider making a financial contribution TODAY!  Your contribution is vital to enabling me to get my message out to the voters.  I need your help to bring the change we have been waiting for.  I hope you will join me!




Cindy Werner






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